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About us

Our activity in a few words...

We have been in the Wine Business for over 25 years.
We provide export services for the wine and spirits industry, connecting together Wine Producers with Professional Wine Buyers worldwide.
Thanks to this activity we meet with many Professional Buyers and we have developed a large data base with the names of many importers, distributors and agents throughout the years.

Our Services...

   We offer to our clients 3 main services which enable us to develop and to maintain regularly our databases.
      - Export assistance throughout the year prospecting new export markets through Emailing campaigns, sending of invitations by the Post office and tenders’ offers which come from numerous buyers. Thus, we are always in contact with professional buyers producers of wines and spirits.
      - Take part in our Professional exhibitions which we organise in several countries every year. These are successful and renowned, that is why visitors flow and they come back readily.
      - Take part in our collective stands at the most important Wine Fairs in France and abroad. You are thus in direct contact with many important Professional Wine Buyers.

Our activity in numbers...

      - 500 exhibitors, this is the number of Winemakers who have participated in our exhibitions in the last 12 months.
      - More than 150 permanent members, they are all French winemakers, from most of the wine regions from France, who have subscribed to our services. They subscribe to an annual subscription and benefit from our various business opportunities. We take no commission on sales.

Are you looking for new wine, an appellation or wish to submit a tender offer? Consult our web site, and take advantage of our services completely free of charge:


Anne-Catherine Vigouroux, Look 4 Wine
Address : 4 bis, rue Frederic Passy - 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - France
E-mail : - Website:
Tel : +33 1 46 24 04 93 - Fax : +33 1 46 24 32 58